Are you fascinated by information security, privacy, and efficiency in eGovernment? Do you - just like us - believe that modern technology can make our lives more easy, and make companies and governments more efficient? Do you have at least a basic understanding of Dutch?

Perhaps Apogado can become your perfect environment.

If you are good, we will align your responsibilities with your skills and ambition. We welcome profiles ranging from very technical to less technical. You may become a consultant, a product engineer, project manager, ... as long as it fits in our company strategy.

If you are the consultant type, we expect you to know about - or at least have the ambition to learn about - information security & privacy.

If you are looking for a more product engineer type of job, your interest should be into software architecture & design, open source frameworks, etc.

And, of course, we do welcome people that are a mixture of the above.

What does Apogado offer?

You will work in a challenging team of people with similar views, exploring new technologies and practical applications. You will have the flexibility of a small company, and facing the challenges of complex environments (our customers).

We offer a good salary with various additional advantages (such as a company car where appropriate).


Contact us for more info!